by Chipper Lowell, January 19, 2023

Every couple of months I see myself apologizing for NOT updating my calendar, or blog, or reviews, etc.  It’s a poor excuse, but also a good one.  Truth is, I’m busy.  Crazy busy with shows, and I couldn’t be happier.  Especially coming out of the pandemic, as I’m sure ALL performers are.  Whew!  Last year and this year has been trying to fit in the new tour dates and corporate bookings with all of the gigs that were postponed time and again due to Covid that wound up in the same mix.  Did I mention crazy?  🙂

But I’m also extremely grateful.  This year started out with a BANG – bringing my show to the Bird Cage Theater at Knott’s Berry Farm to help celebrate their New Year’s Eve festivities.  Packed audiences and a LOT of fun!  This was directly followed by 25 shows at the legendary MAGIC CASTLE in Los Angeles, and a show in Bakersfield.  Then onto NYC for 5 days and then home for another show this Saturday.  I’ll then fly out to Florida for 4 tour dates, and continue on into the rest of the year.  In addition to calendar looking a LOT ‘healthier’ than it did in 2020, I’m also celebrating the premiere of Season 9 of Masters Of Illusion on the CW Network.  I’ll be making 4-5 appearances this season with all-new magic that I whipped up in my noggin for all to enjoy!  We taped all of the shows last year, and the new season rolls out on FEB. 11th.  WHOO HOO!!!

Also during 2023, I’ll be jumping onto Disney Cruises over the summer, bringing my show to their main Walt Disney Theatre.  Such a beautiful, state-of-the-art venue!  Plus a terrific crew to work with!  Disney audiences are stellar and I have so much fun that it’s hard to call it ‘work’.  And if all that weren’t enough, there’s a few more ‘surprises’ that will be popping up over the next couple of months of which I can’t say anymore.   So….stay tuned….maybe??  🙂

Last but not least, we’re now booking November and December for corporate and special events.  Yep, those dates tend to fill up quickly, so if you’re planning something special and would like your attendees to be thoroughly entertained and laughing and happy, just send us an email.  We’ll do the rest!  We strive to make your event a memorable one!

Okay, okay, one more thing:  THANK YOU!  I’m forever filled with gratitude for everyone who books my show, buys tickets, sends me nice and thoughtful emails and messages.  It means the world to me!!  And I’ll continue to hold up my end of the bargain…to continue to create new material and mind-boggling moments of ‘what the heck?!?!?!’ 🙂   May your 2023 be everything you hope for, and I send you all big mushy hugs, with none of the awkwardness.  CHEERS!


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