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Chipper Lowell on Season 7 of MASTERS OF ILLUSION – CW! 2020

Yep!  The CW network has us back for yet another season of magic and fun!

I’m proud to have been part of this series for all of the last six seasons, and once again I was back at the drawing board, creating all NEW and ORIGINAL magic for these upcoming episodes!   I won’t go into details, because why spoil the fun? – But I am proud to say that there are some VERY fun routines here in the mix and I’ve already added three of them to my current touring show so you may see them LIVE and in PERSON.  (My favorite thing to do is spending hours upon hours tinkering and doodling, and coming up with new effects that are not only visually cool but also provides a great foundation for some really funny moments along the way.)

We taped the new shows in January at the same studios the last 3 seasons were produced.  (Before that, we were at RED Studios in Los Angeles – formally the iconic Desilu Studios where popular and legendary shows like “I love Lucy” and “Star Trek” were made.).    I was pleasantly surprised that all of my segments went very smoothly, and the audience volunteers used for the routines were top-notch, as were the studio audiences.   Sometimes in shooting something unusual like magic for the camers, there might be quite a few retakes, but the segments performed went fantastically.

Well, now that I think about it, there was one moment where we had to stop taping, and it was completely my fault.  Halfway through a particular magic trick, I had to shout “STOP – Everyone please freeze!”   The director understood immediately, though the two audience volunteers standing on either side of me looked confused and puzzled.  I quickly ran off the set and came back with a pair of tin snips that I had forgotten to put in my jacket pocket before the routine.   I stepped back in, between the two helpers who probably wondered what the Hell was going on, and we rolled cameras again, picking up right from where we had stopped.   (Silly me – Everything had clicked along so nicely earlier that day, successfully taping piece after piece on camera, that I simply forgot to load all of my props for the next bit of magic.  Without the scissors, I wouldn’t have been able to do the ‘big reveal’ for the ending of this particular magical moment.). In the end, all went well.

The best part is when crew members and even other performers who were there that day came up to me at various times asking how I did some of the tricks.  Of course, I didn’t reveal anything but there is a special sense of pride when you happen to fool your fellow magicians as well, let alone people behind the scenes that have worked on this television series for all 7 seasons.

The new shows will start airing sometime in the summer!  Friday nights on the CW!  Stay tuned!   And who knows, maybe there will be a season 8 next year!   Television can be fickle and you can never really figure out what may happen.  But most importantly, I’m grateful to have been part of this each and every year, and thankful to the producers and everyone who make this show possible.  Love working with them all.


–  Chipper

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Chipper Lowell, February 10, 2020
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