Excited to be returning to the James R. Armstrong Theatre on MARCH 15th! – Two performances!  2PM & 7PM !!!

We’ve recently wrapped up filming Season 7 of ‘Masters Of Illusion’, which still start airing over the summer on Friday nights on the CW network, and I’ve been touring and doing theatres across the U.S., so it will be nice to head back to sunny California for a few weeks.   Tickets are now on sale for my two shows at the Armstrong, so make sure to grab them while you can.

Also was gobsmacked this morning (Wednesday) to find that I was nominated for “Stage Magician of the Year!” by the Academy of Magical Arts (aka The Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA).  Whaaaat???   Nice!  This is my third time and I’m extremely honored for the nod, and appreciative for all those who voted for me.   The awards extravaganza will take place in May and I’ll keep you posted.   I know it’s an old cliche, but I’m just happy to have been nominated.   Cheers!

By the way, the show Torrance shows at the Armstrong will feature not only some of my signature routines and audience favorites, but also quite a few new surprises in store!    Hope you can make it!


“…Chipper had the audience laughing hysterically
till it hurt!”

Chipper Lowell, March 5, 2020
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