Comedy in the time of COVID-19…

Chipper IS “PROF. MAYHEM”!

To say this has been ‘quite a year’ is probably the understatement of a lifetime. As most of the world knows (unless you’re living in the rain forest with no wifi), a deadly virus swept over the planet and wound up closing many of those places we like to socially gather, from churches to theaters to sports arena to shopping malls. Depending upon where you live, and if you’re surrounded by people who DO wear masks or those that don’t (“It’s my freedom!!!” Ugh.), your area will be affected differently.

As for me, all of my tour dates were cancelled and I was stuck at home for a good 6+ months. Got a lot of writing done, enjoyed time with the family, cooked more at home than I’ve done over the last 20 years, and it was an interesting time. Sadly, I also lost both my parents this year. But if there is any kind of silver lining to this pandemic it was that I was able to be HOME, living only minutes away from them, and I was given the opportunity to help and take care of them during their finals months on the planet. And for that, I’m forever thankful for this strange year. My Mom and Dad passed away, peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, in their own home. We were able to tell them how much we loved them, and they were able to tell us just how proud they were of all of us. It was a beautiful moment in its own unique way.

During this time, I’ve been busy producing “ZOOM” shows for corporate clients and other special events, and also creating a new show format for Knott’s Berry Farm theme park for their October multi-week event. It wound up selling out so quickly that more dates were added, twice! And those sold out as well within 48 hours! The show is called “Prof. Mayhem’s Pseudo-Scientific Deceptions of the Absurd!” and it’s a lot of fun. Part Mad Scientist and part Midnight horror TV host, I get to play on stage, outdoors, several times a night. A cool mix of comedy and magic and even some dangerous juggling stunts. Masks are required and all tables are socially distance, providing a truly safe environment to enjoy some entertainment outside of the usual Netflix back home.

Most of my tour dates have been moved to the latter half of 2021, which is also good news. Meanwhile, my plate is full, both with projects and absolute gratitude. Thankful for the family and friends around me, and blessed that we can still find humor in the situation, no matter how awful it may first seem to be. I sincerely hope you are finding the lighter side of things during this, the darkest of years. It really always comes down to this. Things are what you make of them. So I humbly invite you to get creative, expand your horizons, and make the most of this situation. Come out of it on the other end with incredible epiphanies, dazzling discoveries, and hopeful encounters. We’re all in this together! Cheers!

Chipper Lowell, October 4, 2020
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