Bower’s Museum & Other Cool Happenings!

The word that keeps coming to mind for last year and this one was “fluid”.  Ever-changing.  Bit of a roller-coaster.   We didn’t know what would be happening next week or even tomorrow when it came to performing LIVE & IN PERSON.    Thankfully, I held on tight, buckled up my seat belt, and it now looks like the ride is sloooooooowly coming to a stop back at the loading dock.  Whew!

Many of my dates from 2020 and even 2021 got pushed into the next year and the next.   And I’m proud to say that they’re now ‘STICKY’!  Meaning, they’re not going anywhere and we can confirm my upcoming appearances!

Right off the bat, I’m excited to bring my 90 minute solo show, “The CHIPPER EXPERIENCE! – Where COMEDY & MAGIC Collide!” to the Norma Kershaw Auditorium at the beautiful BOWER’S MUSEUM, in Santa Ana, CA!

This is part of the Segerstrom Celebrity Speaker Series, kicking off their season program with a bang!   You can check out more information and details in my CALENDAR SECTION, or go straight to:


And that’s not all!  I also have some special appearances at other venues in SoCal as well as the Canadian leg of our “MASTERS OF ILLUSION – LIVE!” tour!!!  And lastly, I’ll be performing 3-4 shows in San Antonio at The Magicians Agency Theatre the end of November!   If you in or near any of these dates, please make sure to grab your tickets asap!  Shows are ‘family-friendly’ and suitable for ages 9 to 99.   Cheers!!  🙂

Chipper Lowell, October 4, 2021
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